Coronavirus Update - Wednesday April 1, 2020

The following April tournaments are cancelled due to the Covid-19 situation


April 4-5th 5th Annual Spring Opener - Hershey, PA

April 4-5th OC Spring Opener - Ocean City, MD

April 18-19th Bring the Heat - Hershey, PA

April 25-26th Best of Baseball - Ocean City, MD

If you were paid in full for any of these tournaments our policy is to offer your team a transfer credit valid for another tourney.  Transfer credits have been extended from 12 months to 18 months.  Teams using a transfer credit from a Hershey tournament can use their transfer credit in Hershey, Gettysburg, and or State College.  Teams using a credit from Ocean City, MD can transfer to a tournament at any four of our locations. (Hershey, Ocean City, Gettysburg, or State College).  

We are adding tournaments to our schedule to give teams more transfer options.  We will accept as many teams as possible but we do have limitations.  If you are a team looking to transfer please sign up asap and let us know in the comment section that you are using your transfer credit.


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